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Welcome to Redz Salons

We are vibrant independent salons in Bungay and Beccles with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. At Redz we pride ourselves on offering you a truly personalised service, a haircut tailored to you and the most gorgeous glossy colour.

Our talented team is passionate, creative and committed to delivering an outstanding client experience in a welcoming salon that always considers its environmental impact.

If you want to look amazing and feel fantastic then Redz is for you…

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Stressed tresses: How stress affects your hair

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, stress is a constant companion for many of us. Its impact…

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Your essential guide to shampooing

I often get asked about shampoos and cleansing says stylist Alice, so today let’s take a…

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Transform your hair from the inside out

From heat styling to environmental stress, our hair is constantly under siege says Jo. That’s…

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Enhance your Redz experience with an upgrade

Fancy a little more? Choose one of our 3 upgrade bundles to enhance your Redz experience in the salon and at home...
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The Redz promise to you...

To give you a very warm friendly welcome to Redz.

Our talented teams are approachable, knowledgeable and highly skilled.

We only recommend products and services which meet your needs.

We are committed to consistently creating happiness through excellent client service.

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