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Scalp care doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, says Jo. We lavish the love on our hair, but often forget about the importance of maintaining a healthy scalp.


Why do our scalps need TLC?

If you’re noticing problems with your hair, for example, dryness, oiliness or dullness, this could be your scalp crying out for attention advises Jo.

Our scalp is an extension of the skin and often the cause of problems is a build-up of hair products on the scalp which in turn affects the look and feel of our hair. The gradual accumulation of oil, dead skin cells and perspiration also play a role. The scalp can start to feel itchy or be greasy or flaky.


Rooting out the problem

You’ve probably already got a well-established haircare routine says Jo, so now it’s time to add regular scalp care into the mix.

Here are my top tips for scalp care:

Gentle cleansing

Don’t worry about washing your hair ‘too often’ – regular hair washing will help to maintain a healthy scalp. Avoid harsh shampoos and opt instead for gentle, scalp-friendly ones – ask us about which shampoos and conditioners will best suit your hair and scalp.

Boost circulation

Massage your scalp using your hands or a scalp massager to help boost the circulation and stimulate your hair follicles. It can be super relaxing too, adds Jo.

When you’re next in the salon ask us for expert tips on how to do this.

Scalp scrubs

Regular exfoliating keeps both the scalp and the hair healthy – just washing your hair is not enough to remove the build-up.

“Use a scalp scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and other unhealthy build-ups on your scalp. Do ask your stylist to recommend one that which will work well for you – we love to help.”

Sun & heat protection

Always protect your scalp (and hair) from the sun with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, taking special care around the parting and any areas of thinning.

If you’re in the sun all day wear a hat to protect your scalp as just like any other skin it will burn.

And avoid over-use of heated tools and hairdryers to protect your scalp from drying out.

Similarly, avoid washing your hair with hot water – warm water is always kindest for your scalp.

Over tight styling

If you wear your hair up, avoid pulling it back too tightly. This can irritate the scalp and may even cause hair loss (traction alopecia).

Dry shampoo

“I love dry shampoo,” says Jo. “It can be a real lifesaver on occasions. But, overuse can clog and block follicles and it also means we skip a cleansing shampoo. So, use it but don’t overdo it.”


Scalp care products

We can help you choose the right scalp care products to maintain a healthy scalp or to tackle common scalp problems such as dandruff, flakiness, oiliness or dryness. Just ask!


Book a scalp care consultation

Are you new to scalp care? Not sure what you need to do, or which products will be best for you? To book a consultation call 📞Beccles Salon 01502 717770 or Bungay Salon 01986 896913 or online here.

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