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Hair in Recovery


In partnership with Racoon International we now offer ‘Hair in Recovery’. A unique programme of human hair extensions specifically for people who’ve lost their hair due to:

  • medical reasons such as a side effect from chemotherapy
  • or have androgenetic hair loss or fine thinning hair

The sensitive application of Racoon’s Luxe Bonds to give thickness and length means we can help with regaining confidence and boost self-esteem.

The Hair in Recovery programme has been developed alongside consultant Trichologist Iain Sallis M.I.T. who owns the largest number of trichology clinics in the UK.

Book your confidential consultation

We understand that your hair can be delicate, which is why we offer a comprehensive consultation before any hair extensions are applied. Your initial consultation will ensure your suitability, identify hair and scalp issues, consider medication limitations, determine your expectations and ensure your lifestyle considerations are taken into account.

Racoon offers a subsidy on the cost of the hair, the bonding and aftercare products for clients registered on the Hair in Recovery programme which we will discuss with you at your initial consultation.

And of course, if you just have fine thinning hair rather than medical hair loss, you can still take advantage of this specialist programme without the subsidy, safe in the knowledge you are receiving a specialised service from highly skilled practitioners.

If you have been diagnosed with medical hair loss and would like safe, confidence-boosting hair extensions book a confidential consultation with one of our Redz experts…

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