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Racoon Hair Extensions

The must-have celebrity accessory of the moment and the perfect way to add instant texture, volume and length, or perhaps a flash of colour to your look. Redz salons offer premium Racoon extensions with ethically sourced, premium quality human hair. Luxuriant, perfect tresses can be yours.

Scientifically proven to keep natural hair safe and damage free, we offer Luxe Link and Luxe Weft systems:

Racoon link hair extensions

Luxe Links are the smallest link hair extensions available. The link is discreetly hidden under the hair extension attachment making them virtually undetectable, allowing you to wear your hair up with confidence.

Racoon weft hair extensions

Luxe Weft are far smaller than most other available wefts. The ultra-superfine, flexible micro header makes them almost undetectable, and comfortable to wear with hair up or down.

Racoon’s premium quality extensions are competitively priced and can be economically reused and reapplied, making them excellent value.

Ethnically sourced hair extensions

Racoon work with a long-established network of trusted suppliers and guarantee the ethical sourcing of their human hair. Additionally, their X-tend hair care products do not contain any ingredients or derivatives of bovine, ovine or caprine origin.

Whether you want to add length and volume or add a dash of colour to achieve texture and depth, Racoon are the best of the best. To learn more about our Racoon hair extensions book a complimentary consultation with one of our extension specialists…

Hair in Recovery

Did you know that we also offer Racoon’s ‘Hair in Recovery’? A unique programme of human hair extensions specifically for people who’ve lost their hair for medical reasons, such as a side effect from chemotherapy, or have androgenetic hair loss or fine thinning hair.

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